Chyulu Hills National Park

19 Jun


Chyulu Hills National Park is a wonderful place to visit for enjoying holiday. The entire park is situated over volcanic mountain range, that is located in Kibwezi District, Eastern Province in Kenya. The inside area of the park is beautifully decorated with eye catching trees and with different types of birds and wild animals. The […]

Best Hair Coloring Tips At Home

12 Jun

Best Hair Dyeing Tips At Home

In this article I will discuss about applying hair color at home, especially for those who are not aware of this process.Firstly become 100% sure whether you are comfortable with the chemical reactions of color or not. Because many hair color company use paraphenylenediamine chemical which can create problems to lots of people. The process […]

How To Use Lip Brush

8 Jun


Lip stick is the product that provides your Cosmetics the entirety. It combines the colors you have used to bring your face in life. Because our lips is the most delicate feature of our whole face. With that thing on mind life. We recommend the following five tips: 1. Prior to your Lip stick you […]

How To Use Eyeliner Brush

7 Jun


Start with a clean eye liner brush. Any make-up that has been left on an eye liner brush from past programs will cause your eye liner shade to change. Eyeliner brushes with synthetic bristles work best, as they can be washed many a times for maintaining its hygienic and error free applications. Use a powder […]

How to Use Eyebrow Brush

6 Jun


Start off by having your eye-brows expertly wax at a salon. Keep away from those inexpensive manicure and pedicure salons you see in many malls. It only requires one eyebrow-scarring encounter to understand this tutorial the hard way. A good brow wax will give you a guide for upcoming pulling and tweezing. Tweeze out the […]

How To Use Contouring Brush For Contouring

18 May


Implementing cosmetics can quickly become a complicated art. There are so many different techniques and styles that it takes serious training to call you a cosmetics artist. That said, there are always hints and techniques cosmetics artists use that you can try at home. One of these techniques is known as shaping. Let’s know what […]

How To Use Powder Brush

17 May


Cosmetics styling brushes are the best tools for creating a sleek, completed look. Once you’ve used your foundation, powder allows your makeup to set the look for long-lasting protection throughout the day. When you apply dust with a sponge or cloth or your hands, you not only present your face to viruses, but you can […]

How To Use Concealer With A Concealer Brush

16 May


A perfect skin is in very much demand. And we all know that in this world very rear persons are there with a perfect skin tone. But don’t worry this imperfect and incompleteness can be perfect and complete with the help of makeup.  Yes you are correct I am talking about concealer. In my first […]

How To Cure Damaged Skin

15 May


First Step Is To Identify Your Skin Problem: The first question that comes on our mind is how to identify the problems? Yes it is a very common question and in answer to that I must say that you please follow up these signs then it will be easy for you to identify it easily. […]

Easy and Simple Usage of Foundation Brush for Applying Foundation

12 May


Prepare Your Face before Applying Foundation with Brush. Before you start applying foundation, prepare your face so the foundation has a sleek and balanced looks. Wash your face properly and pat dry with a hand small towel until absolutely dry. Rub a light moisturizer lotion on to your face (even if you have an oily […]