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America Has Lost American Dream

31 Dec


Today, life in America consists of an increasing amount of disapproval, dissatisfaction, deceit, and any other negative connotation that could possibly be conceived by the human mind. Its generations of ignorance and self-indulgence has swollen to the epic and unthinkable proportions of a potential and theoretical dystopian characterized state and, if we are not careful, […]

Machu-Picchu In Peru,One Seven Wonder Of The World

30 Dec


With my little knowledge about Satyajit Ray, one of the greatest film makers of all time, writing on him will be a daring attempt to me. I cannot talk about Satyajit Ray and what makes him great! It’s all there to see, each film of his is nothing short of a master piece and some […]

Hinduism Is The Oldest Living Religion

29 Dec


The word Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, the historic local appellation for the Indus River in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, and is first mentioned in the Rig Veda. The beliefs and practices of the pre-classical era (1500–500 BCE) are called the “historical vedic religion”. The vedic religion shows influence […]

Live In Present

28 Dec


One has heard that live in present or life is here and now or let go of things or forgive others but how many of us really able to this. The living in present is what is happening when you strip away all the resentments of you’re past and all the worries you have about […]

FDI In Fashion Retail Sector Of India

27 Dec


People in india do not understand luxury and the way they understand luxury is something totally different for us Indian, its more of a status symbol then an investment.To be honest very little percentage of people are aware of the various brand name of a consumer products. Sales promotion campaign for a population that is […]

Dowry A Disgrace To The Indian Society

26 Dec


Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindi customs of “Kanyadaan” and “Stridhan”. In “Kanyadaan”, the father of the bride provides money or property, etc to the father of the groom whiles for “Sridhan”, the bride herself gets jewelery and clothes at the time of her marriage, usually from her relatives or friends. More than 9,5000 […]

Sound Of Indian Music

25 Dec


Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning and wisdom, is often depicted as playing the veena, an ancient string instrument. Many musicians worship Sarasvati before a practice session or a performance. Brahma is said to be the author of the four Vedas. Most scholars agree with the fact that the Vedas were compiled between the period […]

Rajput Paintings Are Influenced By Mughals

24 Dec


Indian painting is one of the oldest traditions of the country and the mostly begin age-old analogue theories of anecdotal accounts advance that the Indian painting was actual accepted for households to acrylic their autogenous apartment as able-bodied exteriors of their house. Among all forms of Indian paintings that accept acquired a huge acceptance worldwide, […]

More On Animation

23 Dec


  When Shirow Masamune initially released the manga series Ghost in the Shell in Nineteen Eighty Nine, he had no concept that only several years would go by before it was turned into into one of the best anime films of the modern age. That is how a lot of Japanese animated films kick off, […]

How To Remove Tattoos

22 Dec


  You accept several options for boom removal. Some are added able than others; some yield added time than others. But boom abatement is never quick or cheap. Boom abatement techniques accept abundantly bigger contempo years and some of them accept accurate to be actual successful. The amount of success depends on several factors including […]