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31 Jan


Health means disease and ultimately take medicine, this concept of idea has became old. Now health is redefined as lifestyle. What food you will eat, how long you will sleep and time spent for exercise all are properly planned. What food you will take during lunch, dinner or tiffin, doesn’t only mean what are your […]


30 Jan


Terminology Diet food (or dietetic food) refers to any food or drink whose recipe has been altered in some way to make it part of a body modification diet. Although the usual intention is weight loss and change in body type, sometimes the intention is to aid in gaining weight or muscle as in bodybuilding […]

Tomato Can Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

29 Jan


High blood pressure is something that is effecting more and more people everyday because of stress and the fact that many men and women are generally overweight. And one thing you should know is that this is not reserved for folks over 40, as this is something that can effect folks at any age. Doctors […]


28 Jan


Mobile marketing has become one of the popular and viable Marketing stratezies for Businesses to enhance their market opportunities. Mobile marketing is highly interactive, measurable, personalized, and cost-effective. The features of mobile marketing are helping many organizations to reach their target audience more effectively. Since mobile phones are personal devices, marketing through them will help […]

Lower Your Blood Pressure In Natural Way

27 Jan


What is High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure impacts about 20% of older people and also the problem will lasts for a long time without any symptoms. Blood pressure could be the force that your heart makes, pumping blood through your blood vessels. High blood pressure as well as hypertension is computed by measuring the […]

A Person Of High Blood Pressure Is More Prone To Heart Attack

26 Jan


Heart is the primary organ responsible for the distribution of blood throughout the various parts of the body and different organs, the blood is carried by blood vessels and arteries. On the other hand the force that enables blood pushed through the arteries is called blood pressure. There are two important components that are measured […]

Top 5 Bollywood Movies For Some One – Who Hasn’t Ever Seen A Bollywood Movie.

25 Jan


Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed are solely mine and by no means are these the only 5 best bollywood movies of all time. Ok having said that let me now start with the list of 5 Best movies for some one who hasn’t ever seen a bollywood movie. These are some of my favorite movies: […]

The Dashavatara

24 Jan


It is said in Hindu Mythology , thousands of years ago, that life as it appears to-day,was developed through ten stages ,having different body shapes and life style. It is said, Lord VISHNU – who runs this Universe – appears in new life stage when the preceding life stage is vanquished or destroyed. In every […]

Two Bengali (NRI) Children- Forcibly Taken Away By Norway

23 Jan


Mr. Manotosh Chakrabortty and Mrs.Sikha Chaklrobortty Grandparents of two kids met President Of India, Mrs. Prativa Patil on yesterday 21st January,2012 at New Delhi to appeal for the release of their grandson Abhigyan (3) and Aiswarya (1) taken away by child protection authorities of NORWAY and put in foster homes on 11th May,2011. They almost […]

Correct Usages Of Perfume

22 Jan


Perfume from the begining plays a very important role in womens life. Perfume can enhance  the mood, personalty and lifestyle of the users. In my todays article I am going to discuss the correct usages of perfume so that it can stay longer with you. Usages: 1. Spray  a little amount of cologne or perfume […]