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How To Look Younger In Only Minutes A Day

29 Feb


Wondering what you can do to nurture vibrant, healthy skin from the inside out? Tackle stress!  Then, watch every inch of you — but especially your face — start to look younger, less stressed, more alive. Each of these tips for healthy skin chips away at the nonstop pressure and tension that can age you […]

Find A Good Surgeon Before Having Eye Surgery

28 Feb


If you want to find a great surgeon, start with your family physician, they may be able to help you find a great surgeon. Be sure to ask, “Why are you referring me to this surgeon?” If the answer is “he accepts your insurance” keep looking, but if the answer is “when my husband needed […]

Creating A Caring Classroom

27 Feb


Teachers first steps should involve creating a caring classroom environment where active learning can flourish. The best classrooms offer a loving and supportive atmosphere while at the same time setting clear limits for behavior. How can we accomplish this? Here are some ideas to get you started!  Establish clear procedures and expectations for your students. […]


26 Feb


Snap ISI-Taliban ties, US tells Pakistan The US has asked Pakistan to snap the ties between the ISI and the Taliban and act against terrorist safe havens after a NATO report revealed that the Pakistan’s spy agency was secretly helping the insurgents to recover lost ground in Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “raised many […]

What Is Cataract And When Surgery Becomes Imperative?

25 Feb


There are many things to learn regarding the importance of cataract issues and concerns. Likewise, it is equally vital to determine when cataract surgery becomes imperative. The growth of this eye syndrome can be likened to a dirty car windshield or a glass door. Cataracts affect the eyes and set off an assortment of negative […]

Home Improvement

24 Feb


A home improvement in a broader perspective is a multivarious form of action to improve the existing status of your home, be it repairs, painting, furnishing, gardening, kitchen, toilets etc. On doing so, not only you change the lifestyle of your family but increase the value of the property as well. Involve all your family […]

Why Did The British Leave In Such Great Hurry In August 1947

23 Feb


It is commonly believed that it was the Congress Party through its various movements like the Quit India Movement of 1942 that brought freedom to India. This fails to explain the fact that the British granted independence only in 1947 while the Quit India Movement had collapsed by the end of 1942. The question that […]


23 Feb


For some mysterious reason, waking up early is one hardest habit to cultivate – not just for me, but for almost everyone I know. Here are some tips you can use to wake up early and stay up. 1. Create a compelling reason to wake up early. What is it? For personal activities? To get […]

School Choice Becomes A Hymn (Mantra) Of 21st Century

22 Feb


It’s obviously an important topic for many parents. A few months ago, I noticed several among my acquaintances figuratively biting their nails as their kids sat for the Primary School admission Examination. Today, by law, only the government or non-profit charitable trusts can run schools in India. Those in the educational policy establishment believe that […]

Role Of The Communist Party In India’s Freedom Movement

21 Feb


The message of the Khilafat was not lost on Muslim leaders like Mohammed Ali Jinnah. (He had opposed the Congress support for the Khilafat.) He correctly recognized that the Congress leaders would always back down in the face of threat of violence. They would rather appease than fight on principles. This happened repeatedly – in […]