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Indian Scientist’s Visit To Trinidad And Tobago For Saving Coconut Industry

31 Mar


The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago a Island country in the southern Caribbean, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. It shares maritime boundaries with other nations including Barbados to the northeast, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west. Coconut is one […]

Designer Fashion – What Is Right Time To Buy?

30 Mar


When it comes to designer clothing there are two types of people…the first are women who simply think its not worth the money and the other is women who adore designer fashion with many women just not able to afford spending so much money on one piece of clothing but others having the luxury of […]

Indian Fashion Designers Inspiring World Markets

29 Mar


India has a definite reason to be pleased with many of Indian clothes fashion designers, who with their competencies as well as the amazing materials used in India, create styles which might be admired even by top rated designers in the world. Designers in India have helped spread their sophisticated sarees, lehengha choli, Salwar kameez […]

Importance Of Gold In Aerospace Industry

28 Mar


Coatings of gold on metalic surfaces of  components of dicerse technologies in the aerospace industry have been widely used and researched since 1950s by NASA and its suppliers, such as Raytheon. Ball Aerospace and Technologies, and Lockheed, as a reflective coating to protect against radiant heat and light in the intense environments of space exploration. […]

How To Control Emotional Eating?

27 Mar


Broadly called emotional eating, experts estimate that nearly 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. “Culturally, we are taught to cheer ourselves up with food,” says Jyothi Dayal, a practicing psychotherapist in Bangalore. For instance, “When a child is emotionally distressed, most mothers show support by whipping up a special dish to lift his/her spirits.” […]

Gold Reserves – An Important Tool Among National Treasuries

26 Mar


The economic, artistic, spiritual and political significance and value of gold seemed to converge during late antiquity and the early Middle ages in a wide variety of cultures – in the rise of the Byzantine Empire, among the Cleric tribes of northern Europe and Britain, The South Korean kingdom Silla, and in the Chinese dynasties, […]

Choosing Right Baby Toys For Different Ages

25 Mar


Play has been called the ‘work of childhood’. Toys are the tools for this work, helping to develop independence, encourage sharing, stimulate development and creativity. Our knowledge of how babies learn has been shared to a greater extent between manufacturers and parents. There are several toy brands available today that have turned to psychologists to […]

Catch Them Young,Teach Values To Your Kids

24 Mar


In a consumer-driven society that broadcasts values you don’t approve of, how can you teach values to your kids? Here are ten ideas to help you: 1. Tell them your life stories and teach through your stories  Kids love to hear stories about your childhood. Weave in some moral dilemmas, and you’ve got great opportunities […]

Audio Visual Technology Is More Effective In Present Day Education

23 Mar


It’s unlikely nowadays that you will see a classroom of children all staring eagerly at the blackboard. Firstly, if anything it would be a whiteboard, secondly, ‘eagerly’ is probably not the word the kids would use about being at school and thirdly, it’s far more feasible that they’re actually watching a projected computer screen or […]

Men Are Not Natural Romantic -There Is A Kid Inside Them

22 Mar


If  love was like it is in the movies then our lives would all be a whirlwind of intimate late night dinners, flowers delivered to work and surprise romantic weekends away. Unfortunately, in the real world you’re lucky if your man remembers to buy a card for your anniversary. We’ve all moaned about how our […]