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How To Use Contouring Brush For Contouring

18 May


Implementing cosmetics can quickly become a complicated art. There are so many different techniques and styles that it takes serious training to call you a cosmetics artist. That said, there are always hints and techniques cosmetics artists use that you can try at home. One of these techniques is known as shaping. Let’s know what […]

How To Use Powder Brush

17 May


Cosmetics styling brushes are the best tools for creating a sleek, completed look. Once you’ve used your foundation, powder allows your makeup to set the look for long-lasting protection throughout the day. When you apply dust with a sponge or cloth or your hands, you not only present your face to viruses, but you can […]

How To Use Concealer With A Concealer Brush

16 May


A perfect skin is in very much demand. And we all know that in this world very rear persons are there with a perfect skin tone. But don’t worry this imperfect and incompleteness can be perfect and complete with the help of makeup.  Yes you are correct I am talking about concealer. In my first […]

How To Cure Damaged Skin

15 May


First Step Is To Identify Your Skin Problem: The first question that comes on our mind is how to identify the problems? Yes it is a very common question and in answer to that I must say that you please follow up these signs then it will be easy for you to identify it easily. […]

Easy and Simple Usage of Foundation Brush for Applying Foundation

12 May


Prepare Your Face before Applying Foundation with Brush. Before you start applying foundation, prepare your face so the foundation has a sleek and balanced looks. Wash your face properly and pat dry with a hand small towel until absolutely dry. Rub a light moisturizer lotion on to your face (even if you have an oily […]

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes

11 May


Makeup is a very important aspect in women’s life. And to become a perfectionist right usage of brushes are important. In market there are lots of makeup brushes available of different brands. There are lots of brushes but out them mostly in use are of seven types. Foundation Brush Concealer Brush Contouring Brush Powder Brush […]

5 Best Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

7 May


In today’s busy world our life has become very hectic. And its becomes very tough to lead a healthy and peaceful life also. In my today’s session I am going to discuss about 5 very useful tips regarding losing your weight through. We all know that yoga is a very helpful exercise from all amongst […]

Who are real Idiots?

5 May


After watching the movie “3 IDIOTS”, I really wondered  as to who is the true/ real idiot today ! So many options came to my mind. It was really difficult to decide the winner among them. So out of all the multiple choices, I choose the following options. 1) STUDENTS: From the moment they get […]

Superhuman Amidst Human Beings

4 May


Swami Vivekananda shook not only America but the whole world with his speech. The president of the Science Assembly of the Religion Congress, Sh.Snehal, wrote in London’s Pioneer that the sole and ideal representative of Hindu religion. Swami Vivekananda, was the most popular and impressive person at the congress. Those who heard him and those […]

Influence Of Mughals In The Indian Painting

3 May


When the first art historians of our times looked back on the art scene, the sixteenth century which saw the arrival of the Mughals struck them forcibly as an epoch of radical transition. Seven or eight decades before 1526- the year in which Babur founded the Mughals empire by defeating the Lodis at the battle […]