5 Best Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

7 May

In today’s busy world our life has become very hectic. And its becomes very tough to lead a healthy and peaceful life also. In my today’s session I am going to discuss about 5 very useful tips regarding losing your weight through.

We all know that yoga is a very helpful exercise from all amongst others with no side effects and if we make a good habit of this then it can create a miracle in our life.

There are lots of postures in yoga regarding every aspect of body fitness but I will today explain about 5 of them through which you can reduce your body weight permanently.

Crescent Pose

•Chair Pose

•Rocking Boat Pose

•Willow Pose

•Hover Pose

Process of doing all these above five postures along with their benefits and cautions in details:

Crescent Pose

Benefits: This postures tone’s up your upper and lower portions of body like abdominal, hip, thigh, chest and also shoulder portions. The process of doing this is very easy.

Procedures: Take one matt and if you are doing for the first time make your mattress more comfortable by making it more cushion able. Now take a deep breath and sit like a dog and lift your right leg completely up and then bring it in between your two hands. And without touching the floor with the knee of your left foot brings your hand straight 90 degree up. Keep all your body texture straight and firm and make your breathing level comfortable keep in those postures for few minutes and then relax. Repeat with the left leg.

Cautions: Do not apply these postures if you are having high blood pressure and ankle or back pain. Always consult your physician before practicing yoga at home.

Chair Pose

Benefits:  This posture is good for entire body specially thighs.

Procedures: In this exercise you will have to take a deep breath and will have to raise your two hands up or straight touching your two palms closed to each other. And then bend your thighs in the postures of sitting in a chair without the help of any chair and stay in that position for 30 seconds and then relax. By doing this it will increase your shoulder, chest and digestive power.

Cautions: Do not practice this chair pose if you are having low pressure, insomnia or headache.

Rocking Boat Pose

Benefits: It makes your abdomen and back portions firms and toned.

Procedures: First of all sit on the floor keeping your legs straight and erect towards the front. Place your palms on the floor by pointing the fingers straight towards your legs. Now breathing out completely slightly leaning you back up to 60 degrees from the floor, put your hands straight towards your shoulders placing your arms facing down just keeping your whole body balance over your tailbone and hips. Keep in these positions for few seconds and relax by lying down in your back and breathe normally.

Cautions: Do not try out this if you are going through angina or any cardiac problems.

Willow Pose

Benefits: It helps to firm or tone your side abdominal portions.

Procedures: First stand straight and then raise your hand straight up to your head. Slowly bend your upper body as low as you can keep your knee comfortable. Now slowly bring touch your ankle with your two hands and hold yourself for few seconds and come back to your first position.

Cautions: Do not try out this if you are having back pain or muscle pain problems.

Bow Pose

Benefits: It is very good for respiratory system. Especially for those who are suffering from asthma. It is also good for back and also improves the digestive power as well as body flexibility.

Procedures:  Lye down straight on your stomach touching your chin to the floor. Now very slowly bend your knees and bring down your heels to your buttock. Keep in this position for few seconds and then relax by taking a deep breath.

Cautions: Do not do this if you are already having back or muscle problems as well as respiratory problems.

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  1. allison May 7, 2012 at 6:39 PM #

    Definitely doing yoga exercises keep me alert and healthy.They’re easy to do once you know the correct poses and forms.

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