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Self Interest Plays A Vital Role To The Media

2 May


Reporters and editors care little about the reasons that lead practitioners to favour news media for distributing information. Instead, journalists focus on satisfying their audiences’ need for news and their preferences in entertainment. If public relations materials help a news organizations do its job well, journalists are happy to use them. Materials that contain no […]

Rules Of Media Relations

1 May


Media relations is a two-way street where the rules of the road is observed a courtesy rather than enforceable regulations. In one direction, journalists ask practitioners for help in gathering information for news stories or verifying details. In the other, practitioners distribute news announcements to the media or ask journalists to consider story ideas for […]

How Web content Influence The Buying Process

30 Apr


You’ve likely heard about content a lot lately-But what is CONTENT in its basest form? Content is the Web content essentially are of two types: Text and Multimedia. Text – it is the written part on various pages of the website with relevant text to be viewed by audience globally as well as locally. Whereas, Multimedia […]

How To Use News Releases To Reach Buyers Directly

28 Apr


As it has for many things, the Web has changed the rules for news releases. The way buyer’s access news via Google, Yahoo and various PR web sites means that it’s not just journalists gaining access your news but millions of people around the world. How to reach and engage with these millions of people […]

Role Of Social Media In Successful Branding Of A Business

13 Apr


Social Media’s are the backbones of the modern day business. Rapid development of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin has made great contribution in making social media a great success. A substantial number of people spend a lot of time on Social Media sites. Many big FMCG companies are trying to reach these sites to […]

Top Five selling Products Of The Week

20 Jan


EEDS001 is the designer saree. The fabric used for this saree is 100% pure silk. The embroidery is done in full machine contrast thread works. There is matching one piece free petticoat with this saree. There is color options available for this design. The price is USD 295.00 EEDS009 is the designer saree. The fabric […]

Women-Owned Small Business-Problems And Solutions

1 Dec


Starting a successful small business is no easy task. With so many small businesses opening every month (better to say every day) and a large percentage of them closing before their second year in business, it is sometimes best to seek the advice of a business consultant before the start of your business. With that […]

Tips For Small Business Loans Get Approved

30 Nov


If you’re the owner of a small business and you were looking for some extra capital to extend your reach, then maybe a small business loan is for you. But before you even think about applying for a small business loan, you have to know how they work. In this article, I will give you […]