Self Interest Plays A Vital Role To The Media

2 May

Reporters and editors care little about the reasons that lead practitioners to favour news media for distributing information. Instead, journalists focus on satisfying their audiences’ need for news and their preferences in entertainment. If public relations materials help a news organizations do its job well, journalists are happy to use them. Materials that contain no news or useful information is tossed.

In developing strategies and key messages to reach the ultimate target public, practitioners usually give painstaking thought to the target’s self-interest and to the circumstances that will makes it easy for a target public to follow through with whatever action is desired. Yet, practitioners often neglect the self-interest of the intervening public-the editors and reporters-as well as the mission of a news organization.

At a personal level, journalists want many of the same things practitioners want: good income, increasing responsibility, stability with a respected employer.  In journalism, these rewards depend on gaining the respect of peers, career advancement, challenging assignments, and recognition.

Reporters rate themselves and others according to the importance of assignments they handle, the number and quality of the stories they get published or broadcast, and the prominence gave their stories in the news product (front page, above the fold, top of the newscast, and so on).

To do their jobs well on a daily basis, most reporters must focus on choosing a story idea or chasing one down, gathering information efficiently, finding a strong news peg, and writing a vivid and compelling account. They must do it quickly, never falling behind the competition and beating it if possible, and they must meet the deadline of their publication or newscast. Before handing in a news story, a reporter needs time to check it to make sure that it’s fair, accurate, and reasonably complete.

Considering these time pressures, no one should be surprised that journalist’s prefer to deal with a practitioner who has earned their trust by providing information that’s never misleading, earned  their appreciation by providing it quickly, and earned their respect by packaging it in formats that are easy to digest and use. Accommodating the self-interest of intervening public’s serves the self-interest of the practitioner’s organization.

Journalists have always worked under time-pressure. Their plight has been exacerbated in recent years by the sharpening of competition, and cost-pressures resulting in fewer resources with which to sustain quality. In these circumstances, more than ever, guidance must be expressed in forms that are readily accessible to the harried media professional, and at a sufficient level of practical detail.

The appropriate way to achieve this is to ensure that each media professional has a Code available to them that operationalized the Principles and Standards within their particular context. The press, broadcast media and networked media each has its own modus operandi, its own sources and channels, and its own news-cycle. Politics, business, the courts, health, sport and social issues, all have their own norms. For a Code to be seen by each particular media professional as relevant to their world, a sufficiently large set of Codes is needed.

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