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How To Use News Releases To Reach Buyers Directly

28 Apr


As it has for many things, the Web has changed the rules for news releases. The way buyer’s access news via Google, Yahoo and various PR web sites means that it’s not just journalists gaining access your news but millions of people around the world. How to reach and engage with these millions of people […]

Is Gandhiji A Philosophical Anarchist?

20 Feb


Anarchy is about abolishing hierarchy. According to the original, Greek meaning of the word, Anarchy stands to create a world where there is no separation between the rulers and the ruled–a place where everyone rules themselves.An anarchic vision of society is nonviolent, self-managed and non-hierarchical, and Anarchist thinkers hold dear to the ideal of democracy–rule […]

Jesus is voice of the destitute-CPI(M) Kozhikode,Kerala,3rd February,2012

6 Feb


Jesus Christ is being declared and recognized as the voice of poor and the oppressed by CPI(M) in their 20th congress in Kozhikode,Kerala. Along with personality like Karl Marx, Lenin, Che Guevara they have displayed the picture Jesus chirst. The Communists supported China’s attack on India in 1962 and also the Chinese nuclear tests, while […]