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Future Of Indian Fashion Industry

8 Dec


Abundant availability of raw material and its rich tradition and culture are the keys of Indian Fashion Industry. It is the third largest producer of cotton, the second largest producer of silk and the fifth largest producer of man-made fibers in the world. India also possesses large number of skilled human resources and has among […]

Role Of Hand Stitching In Designer Clothing

15 Nov


Designer clothing has been around since the mid 1800s when Charles Frederick Worth earned his title as the “father of haute couture.” Designers flourish in today’s world but plenty of people who call themselves “designers” today are actually stylists — people who modify or adapt clothing for sale. A real designer originates the idea. Haute […]

Embroidery Of Indian States

13 Nov


The origins of embroidery are unknown, but early examples which survived the rigors of time from the ancient Egyptian empire, the Iron Age of Northern Europe and from the Zhou Dynasty, China shows that this is a very old art indeed. Indian embroidery has always enjoyed a distinctive place in the world and has been […]

Religious Embroidery Designs

12 Nov


Religious Embroidery Designs a)Patch Work of Orissa The city of Puri in the State of Orissa on the shores of Bay of Bengal is not only famous for its beaches but is also an important religious town. Hundreds of thousands of devout Hindus come to this place on pilgrimage to visit the renowned temple of […]