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How To Use Lip Brush

8 Jun


Lip stick is the product that provides your Cosmetics the entirety. It combines the colors you have used to bring your face in life. Because our lips is the most delicate feature of our whole face. With that thing on mind life. We recommend the following five tips: 1. Prior to your Lip stick you […]

Homeopaths Can Cure Cancer

20 Apr

Homeopaths have described observations that tumors recede from the use of homeopathic treatment and have, from time to time, documented long-term recoveries from cancer in response to homeopathic treatment. Some practitioners have reported observations like this in as many as several hundred patients. Unfortunately, until about two decades ago, there were very few sound scientific […]

Indian Fashion Designers Inspiring World Markets

29 Mar


India has a definite reason to be pleased with many of Indian clothes fashion designers, who with their competencies as well as the amazing materials used in India, create styles which might be admired even by top rated designers in the world. Designers in India have helped spread their sophisticated sarees, lehengha choli, Salwar kameez […]

Top Five selling Products Of The Week

16 Jan


EEDS047 Is the designer saree. The fabric used for this saree is 100% pure silk. The embroidery is done with machine contrast thread works. Complimenting with tikki and stone works. There is one piece free matching petticoat with this design. The price is USD 278.00 EEDSL041 Is the designer salwar. The fabric used for this […]

How To Clean And Maintain Gold Jewelry

13 Jan


We women  are very much tempted towards our gold jewelry from the very beginging not only for its value but also for its beauty and designs. And we cherish our ornaments generations after generations. And may be thats why we always take care of this precious items very much from others. In my todays article I am […]

FDI In Fashion Retail Sector Of India

27 Dec


People in india do not understand luxury and the way they understand luxury is something totally different for us Indian, its more of a status symbol then an investment.To be honest very little percentage of people are aware of the various brand name of a consumer products. Sales promotion campaign for a population that is […]

How To Wear Saree

13 Dec


In this article I will try my level best to show you up the process of wearing sari. Before we start our session it’s very important for you all to know the two important parts that go along with the sari. 1. Blouse 2. Petticoat A blouse which needs to be tight-fitting and whose color […]

India’s Role In The World Of Fashion

29 Nov


In today’s fashion world dominated by Paris,Milan and New York, India has enthralled the top-notch couture masters, around the world. The weaves, the hand-woven silks and cottons with intricate traditional designs, ancient block printing techniques and tie-dye, unique embroidery patterns with bead-work and mirrors; all etches and eternal pattern on ther global fashion. There was […]

Regional Styles Of Wearing A Sari By Indian Women

28 Nov


The saree is one of the most common and oldest forms of dress and fashion wear Indian women in India and it continues to be the most popular fashion wear worn by Indian women. The saree is long rectangular shaped strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from 5 to 9 yards in length. For a single […]

Modified Indian Fashion

25 Nov


Traditional clothing in India greatly varies across different parts of the country and is influenced immensely by local culture, geography and climate. Popular styles of dress include draped garments such as sari for women and dhoti or lungi for men; in addition, stitched clothes such as churidar for women and kurta-pyjama and European-style trousers and […]