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All About Damask And Brocade

23 Nov


Damask fabric and brocade fabric both have a long history. For many centuries damask and brocade fabrics were only used as an indication of status and as garments kept especially for ceremonial events. The richly patterned fabric is the most glamorous of clothing since it needs no further embellishment. Historically, damask was originally a technique […]

Fabric Identification Through Burn Test

11 Nov


Do you ever buy fabrics at estate sales and flea markets? What about your non-quilting friends, do they ever offer to give you excess fabrics? Have you received fabrics in a swap that you’re just not sure about? Unless you absolutely recognize fabrics as quilting cottons, there’s no way of knowing their fiber content without […]

The Potential Of Silk

9 Nov


In 1946, while assessing the future for silk consumption,American economic policy makers decided that among their then allies, “china” will be hard pressed to find sufficient exports to pay for her gigantic import needs-particularly capital goods-during their early years of reconstruction; silk could be an important source of of dollar exchange.” The conclusion was that […]

From Fabrics To Clothing

3 Nov


Throughout history there have been associations between clothing and fabrics. This relationship is not only simply one of being connected, in many ways they are inseparable. When considering one it is very difficult to ignore the other. This intimate bond between the two ultimately,if not immediately, have some impact on the other. Perhaps now more […]