Best Hair Coloring Tips At Home

12 Jun

In this article I will discuss about applying hair color at home, especially for those who are not aware of this process.Firstly become 100% sure whether you are comfortable with the chemical reactions of color or not. Because many hair color company use paraphenylenediamine chemical which can create problems to lots of people. The process of testing is very simple take a little bit of color on a skin, especially over the back of the ear before implementing it to your hair. If you do not feel any itching problem then it’s ok and if you feel itching problem then DO NOT apply color to your hair.

Before starting our session the items you will needing is

•              Hair Color

•              Plastic Bowl

•              Hair Color Brush

•              Comb

•              Gloves

•              Vaseline

•              Tissue Paper

•             Towel

Firstly take color with which you are willing to color your hair. There are lots of brands and colors available in market like L’oreal Paris, Garnier, Godrej, Revlon, Renew and many. Choose any one of them. Take the color of your choice and follow the instructions written over the leaflet. If you are applying color to your full hair then you will need the whole amount and if just want to highlight some sections of hair then take as per your requirements.

Before you start do not forget to wear your gloves, otherwise your hand will get colored, which will stay at least for 2-3 days.

Now cover up your dress with towel as a  prevention from getting stained. As well as apply vaseline to your face, neck and ears for the same reasons.

Now you are ready to color your hair. Brush up your hair properly. Take the plastic bowl and mix up the two containers properly with the help of hair color brush.

Apply the color all over the hair properly from left to right and top to bottom. Color your hair totally, do not rest by applying color to the top layer only.

Keep the color on your hair as per the time set by the company. In the meantime wipe out excess amount of dye from your skin with the help of tissue paper.

After the given time wash up your hair properly with water and apply good amount of conditioner and keep it for five minutes and rinse it of properly. It is suggested try to apply good amount of conditioner after every wash for the next seven days.

Try to apply shampoo specially made for colored hair. With it what will happen your hair will be able to lock up your color for long days.

Now try to dry up your hair normally, instead taking help of blow dryer. When your hair will dry up, watch it by yourself how beautiful your hair have become after coloring. And importantly you have saved up to 1000 rupees and time so easily.

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    Thanks for the write up, i wished to find out which brand is good but couldn’t find that information.

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