Easy and Simple Usage of Foundation Brush for Applying Foundation

12 May

Prepare Your Face before Applying Foundation with Brush. Before you start applying foundation, prepare your face so the foundation has a sleek and balanced looks.

Wash your face properly and pat dry with a hand small towel until absolutely dry.

Rub a light moisturizer lotion on to your face (even if you have an oily skin) and let dry for several moments.

Apply foundation primer to your face. This can be done with your arms or with a foundation brush. Apply it all over your face evenly. If you need to add cover-up to any trouble spots or under your eye, do so now. Always use any kind of small brush to cover-up dark spots with concealer. When implementing cover-up, always dab on and then combination.

Once your face is read, it’s time to apply the foundation. Even if you’re a starter, you’ll be able to follow these simple tips and create a sleek and smooth finish to your face makeup with the help of foundation brush.

Pour a bit of foundation (assuming you are using a liquid) onto the back of your hand.

Pick up some foundation with the brush. If you like light protection, dip only one side of the brush in the cosmetics. If you want bigger protection, use both factors of the brush to choose up the cosmetics.

Start implementing the foundation in the center of the face to prevent its visibility.

Use the pointed factors of the brush to combination the cosmetics into those hard-to-reach places, like the edges of the nasal area, hair line and around the lips and sight.

Check for small cosmetics collections that are left behind after the foundation has set. If you see any of these collections, use a clean end of the foundation brush and gently blend these places with little, round activities.

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