How To Cure Damaged Skin

15 May

First Step Is To Identify Your Skin Problem:

The first question that comes on our mind is how to identify the problems? Yes it is a very common question and in answer to that I must say that you please follow up these signs then it will be easy for you to identify it easily.

  • Dry skin which appears flaking.
  • Sign of brown patches with smooth sun spots.
  • Yellow-colored skin which looks like leather.
  • Early facial lines, with rough or fine textures
  • Skin scratching marks with damaged capillaries.

There are other lots of problems, but I have discussed few common of them. The only advantage of damaged skin is that it shows up its problem abruptly. And so when can trace out that and can solve it.

But extreme circumstances of damage may be dangerous. Apart from enhancing up the process of getting older, it shows you to the chance of skin cancer; hence it needs to be managed in time. Try to avoid the causes early! That is the best way of avoiding damage. Here are the recommendations you can follow:

• Avoid getting out in the sun from 10.30 AM to 3p.m. The light of sun is most powerful then! If at all, you have to, make sure you use a sun block which offers you highest possible security and bring an offset umbrella too! Always wear sunglasses and hats for extra safety.

• Eat a diet composed fresh fruit and fresh veggies and juices and stay moisturized. Consuming green tea also helps to deal with the problem of damage.

• Frequent healthy skin treatment strategy should include cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing. Use anti-tanning pack and cream, anti-aging products and keep your skin moisturized.

How To Cure Damaged Skin Professionally?

In case of excessive harm, you should consult professional to solve your problem. Here are some tips you can try as an alternative options:

•According to American Academy of Dermatology dermabrasion is a treatment for curing extreme sun damaged skin and this is a long lasting process. As a result of this treatment damaged skin removes and new skin grows in that position.

• Chemical peel is a very good process for curing damaged skin. But this process is being totally judged by our beauty expert. Because it has three dosages like deep, medium or superficial. So depending upon our damaged percentage our beauty expert will finalize its dosages. By applying this procedure our skin will get back it’s smooth and even toned texture.
• Another process is called laser resurfacing procedure. In this process your damaged skin will get removed and your new skin will get aids and nourishments.
• The last one is red and blue light therapy. Always ask consult your beauty expert about this process and always go to a very reputed spa for applying this process. By doing this it will reduce your inflammation and bacteria from your skin. It may take 8 – 10 sitting for complete cure.

How To Cure Damaged Skin At Home?

Apart from the professional treatments and way of life changes, it would be fantastic if you could consist of one or few of the following in your skin care strategy for protecting your skin from get damaged. Here are a few natural homemade solutions which you can follow:

• Take water melon and apply its juices to your skin for 15 minutes regularly. By doing this it will nourish your skin and will keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally.

• Next is aloe-vera gel if applied regularly it can do wonder for your skin especially sun-damaged skin.

• Another natural beauty products is sandalwood. Sandalwood is known for its relaxing and healing qualities. It is wonderful for damaged skin if applied in a regular basis.

• You can also use olive oil because it has a great value of revitalizing skin.

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  1. Cassandra Brooks June 12, 2012 at 7:31 AM #

    Staying natural and using the organic ingredients we have in our homes for me is the best way to treat the damages our skin sustains from daily chemicals and free radicals. We should be aware that what we put on our skin will eventually be accumulated in our system.. So we must be careful.

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