How to Use Eyebrow Brush

6 Jun

Start off by having your eye-brows expertly wax at a salon. Keep away from those inexpensive manicure and pedicure salons you see in many malls. It only requires one eyebrow-scarring encounter to understand this tutorial the hard way. A good brow wax will give you a guide for upcoming pulling and tweezing.

Tweeze out the excess hair which get left over after waxing for giving a neat look in the direction where your hair grows. Brush out your hair back again with the brow comb when you have completed your hair plucking. Don’t over pick or you’ll make an aged thin brow look.

Always choose a brow brush with comb in it. And the quality of the brush should be good for maintaining hygiene and error free applications. You can buy an angle brow brush for adding color and choose up a thin brush with firm bristles for brow management.

Choose a brow color similar to your natural brow color. Choose a color that’s two colors lighter than your natural brow if you’ve got darkish, red or black color. If you’ve got light or platinum-blond color, create an extraordinary look by going two colors deeper. When in doubt pick a medium color of darkish, as it works for just about any brow color.

Start in the middle of the brow and work your way towards outside. Target those areas of the brow where hair became thin or light, and fill those using very short strokes. Use a brow pencil to submit any places where more shade is required or more description is required. Use pad occasionally to prevent a harsh-looking higher eye line.

Smudge the color to create a smoother and natural look, by applying the brow brush from inside to outside.


Always clean up your eyebrow brush every seven days, it will be better if you can wash up your brushes after every usage for better protection from getting bacterial infections.

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