Superhuman Amidst Human Beings

4 May

Swami Vivekananda shook not only America but the whole world with his speech. The president of the Science Assembly of the Religion Congress, Sh.Snehal, wrote in London’s Pioneer that the sole and ideal representative of Hindu religion. Swami Vivekananda, was the most popular and impressive person at the congress. Those who heard him and those who got personally accuainted with him were all praise for him. Swamiji looked a superhuman being among human beings.

After the Religious Congress, ‘New York Herald’ wrote that in the Chicago Worlds Religion Congress Swami Vivekananda was the most eminent person. “After hearing his speech it seems that sending religious propagators to a country like India, highly eminent in the field of religion, is but sheer stupidity.

Swamiji’s personality became a point of discussion world over. And he was the sole topic of discussion in the American newspapers. The Press of America wrote that it seemed that his speech had the power of hypnotising which drew everyone into it. Among those present there he was the outstanding of them all. In face of Swamiji’s speech the subjects taken up by others lost their significance.

After the congress thousands of Americans came to meet Swamiji but he used to say that he was a mere messenger and his job was to get across the message the world over.

Swamiji was invited to various cities of America for giving discourses. Many Americans became his friends. The intellectuals in America were deeply impressed by his style of argument. In the Java State Register mention has been regarding this. Those who tried to defeat him with their wisdom were at a loss. Swamiji’s answers came like lightning and had in it the power of inspiring the audience.

Christian priests became jealous of Swami Vevekananda and began to spread false allegations against him. They also sent ladies to woo him. They tried to defame him in every possible manner. Swamiji’s friends requested him not to criticise their social rituals.

In the period between March and June 1894 he gave discourses in many cities of America. Many students became his disciples and studied Vedanta under his supervision. Swamiji used  to teach them sitting under a tree. After visiting many cities he returned to New York. At the request of Dr. Louis G. James he gave a speech on Hindu religion to thousands of audience at Pouch Mansion. He continued giving speeches at various places till February 1895.

Though he used to get money for the discourses but he used to donate it. The sensuous culture of America could not not deter him. Christian priests indulged in wrong propoganda against Swamiji. The ‘Free Thinkers’ organisation was also opposed to Swamiji because the members of this organisatiuon were atheists. Once they had invited Swamiji for a discourse after which many of its members became the disciples of Swamiji.

Many Americans from far off places came to meet Swami Vivekananda. Ms. M.C.Franci’s account describes the circumstances in which she met Swamiji. She was desirous of meeting Swami Vivekananda and took a vow that whatever may come she would definitely meet Swamiji. For two years there was no news regarding Swamiji – about his address or residence. One day one of her friends informed her that Swamiji was still there in America. Hence the next day itself she along with another friend set off on her jouney to meet him.

They were able to locate Swamiji with great difficulty, walking miles together at night braving heavy rains. They were doubtfu; as to whether Swamiji would meet them or make them his disciples.

They had already decided what to say on meeting Vivekananda. But once they saw him they forgot everything. One of them could only say this much, “We have come from Detroit”. Another person said that they have come to meet him thinking as if god himself was present on earth. Vivekananda looked at them lovingly and sweetly replied that if he had the powers of Lord Christ he would have redeemed them that very moment. He was full of fatherly affection towards his disciples. During the morning classes, in course of his lectures, sometimes it felt that he had accumulated the God in the form of an Amla and had displayed it in his palms. Many a time he used to go out and then came back, saying, “I am going to prepare food for you.”

On 27th September, 1893, the last day of the Chicago Congress, Swami Vivekananda said then onwards the motto of every religion should be “No war, only help”. “No holocaust, but only assimilation”, “No duel, only unity and peace”. At the end of he said, “Hindus do not consider you a sinner. You all are the children of the immortal. There is no such thing as sin on earth. If there is any sin then it is the sin of thinking men as sinners. You are the all-powerful soul, pure, free and great. Get up, be aware, try to understand your true self.”

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