Who are real Idiots?

5 May

After watching the movie “3 IDIOTS”, I really wondered  as to who is the true/ real idiot today ! So many options came to my mind. It was really difficult to decide the winner among them. So out of all the multiple choices, I choose the following options.


From the moment they get this TAG, it is understood that they are the real idiots. Because they have the nothing to chose, they have no options in life while they are students. Their parents & relatives are the deciding authority of their aim, subject & theme of their life. Sometime or rather most of the time they land up in something which they never like. They are forced to do the things in life what their parents have failed to do in their life. Before their birth sometime parents decide of what their child has to do! No wonder, sometime the child end up in struggle in life, lack of mental peace & happiness. So they are the IDIOT NO-1.


This rank may seem bit odd, but in today’s world, it is happening. Usually, parents are helpless creature in the world. They have no force, no role to play in the life of their child. The moment the so called grown up kid decides, he or she has to do something, then there is no stoppage to his/her idea or wrong doing. Parents are seen as the obstacle to the new breed youth’s thinking. The physiological gap turn into psychological gap…which is often get the tag as GENERATION GAP. So whether carrier, job, marriage, spending, saving, study, their life…etc etc becomes the sole private property of the youth. Parents are seen as the money supply machine till youth earns their own. After marriage, parents are the only free house keeper & baby sitters. What more parents have to spend their own pension sometimes according to the order of the children. Pathetic really, for all the years the two persons take maximum care of their offspring tirelessly to see this in life..


So many of you people may think it odd. But in my perception many an occasion both husband or wife ends up in the wrong side of life,  being idiot. Either  of them  will always demand this status tag. Both always confess that their partner being the smart one & the latter being the fool one in life. But in reality it is difficult to believe both. What to say…..life is like that “KABHI KHUSI KABHI GUM” (Sometime happiness, some time sorrow). Both fool one another, both demands this idiot status…….But to me both are winner of this tag…


I think, (stupid) common people like me & you are the real idiots in this world. Whether it is our, system, boss, politicians, society….all make us idiot…

What is your comment, friends? Who else you consider should come under this category?

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