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Men Are Not Natural Romantic -There Is A Kid Inside Them

22 Mar


If  love was like it is in the movies then our lives would all be a whirlwind of intimate late night dinners, flowers delivered to work and surprise romantic weekends away. Unfortunately, in the real world you’re lucky if your man remembers to buy a card for your anniversary. We’ve all moaned about how our […]

Dealing With Dishonest People

8 Feb


Below is a series of steps on dealing with them. 1. Maintain a High Level of Consciousness In dealing with dishonest people, the first step is to root yourself in a high level of consciousness. An immediate way to increase your consciousness is to clear your mental clutter via meditation. Next, ensure you are grounded […]


10 Dec


A lot of the trials and tribulations of adolescence can be attributed to teenage love. Seemingly insignificant, teenage love can in fact mark the beginning of great, mature, and everlasting love. As a teenager, falling in love can be quite exciting. The whole world may seem to look beautiful, but maintaining a long term relationship, […]

Marriage And Responsibilities Of Hindu Woman

7 Dec


Traditionally men and women in Hindu families have had very different roles. Hinduism teaches that men and women each have their own dharma (holy duty) and that these are different. A Hindu woman expects to be supported financially by her father until she marries and by her husband afterwards. For this reason the birth of […]

In-Between Life And Peace

24 Nov


Wings of twilight sail to the moon glowing in the distance. Some nice padded frolic leap frog in front of this dazzling circle of light. Geese parading pompously and harmony in front of amazed walkers and spectators. Compliance requires silence. Spring is coming to an end gracefully giving up her place in the summer. Generously […]

Factors That Will Doom Your Relationship

8 Nov


There are most common seven key warning signs of a potentially violent domestic relationship. 1. Passionate beginning of a violent domestic relationship and how to differentiate between healthy intensity and dangerous intensity. 2. Possessiveness, the kind that is normal in a relationship and the kind that seeks to control and dominate you. 3. Abuser’s make […]