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Swami Vivekananda’s Encounter With Prof. Max Muller

27 Apr


This year India is celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and with great regards to the superhuman among all the religious personality this article is dedicated to him. While in England during his second visit in the year 1896 Swami Vivekananda was introduced with Professors Max Muller and Paul Deussen, the two great authorities […]

The Physician’s World

26 Apr


On a devastating fire swept through a private hospital in Kolkata in the early hours of Friday the 9th December,2011 killing more than 90 people, mostly patients, and raising questions about lack of regulation and possible cutting of corners in pursuit of profit in India’s rapidly growing private healthcare sector. The West Bengal government reacted […]

Why I Don’t Want to Win the Lottery

23 Apr


I have never dream of winning a lottery, or expected coming into a lot of money for none of my personal active involvement? I have never played the lottery, and I never will, because I believe most dreams would actually be shattered by the acquisition of quick money. It would make existing a hell of […]

Vastu Shashtra For Residential

22 Apr


India is known across the globe for its heritage and Vastu Shastra is of those, which gained immense popularity in the last decade. Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignment. Initially Vastu Shastra was restricted with the temples only, but over the time peoples have started following Vastu rules […]

Role Of Social Media In Successful Branding Of A Business

13 Apr


Social Media’s are the backbones of the modern day business. Rapid development of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin has made great contribution in making social media a great success. A substantial number of people spend a lot of time on Social Media sites. Many big FMCG companies are trying to reach these sites to […]

Inspire Kids In Modeling Clay

1 Apr


The great scholar, Thomas Aquinas once defined humans as ‘a being with brain and hands’. We enjoy the most when we employ both our brain and hands simultaneously to produce something that is creative and at the same time useful. When we were kids, we used to play with clay to make different shapes out […]

Catch Them Young,Teach Values To Your Kids

24 Mar


In a consumer-driven society that broadcasts values you don’t approve of, how can you teach values to your kids? Here are ten ideas to help you: 1. Tell them your life stories and teach through your stories  Kids love to hear stories about your childhood. Weave in some moral dilemmas, and you’ve got great opportunities […]

West Bengal a treasure hunt for the nature lovers – Edition 1

13 Mar

West Bengal a treasure hunt for the nature lovers-edition 1

Encircled by Great Himalayas in the North and Bay of Bengal in the South, West Bengal is one of the most popular destinations in India. Whether you wish to spend some time on serene beaches or are willing to experience thrill and adventure, this magical place is sure to make your stay memorable. From pristine […]

Self Improvement Will Never End

11 Mar


It’s an incredibly pervasive urge: we are always trying to improve, and if we’re not, that’s something we should improve. It’s everywhere. Where does this urge come from? It’s embedded in our culture — in the U.S. from Benjamin Franklin to the early entrepreneurial titans, everyone is trying to better themselves. It goes deeper, to […]

Depression In Children – Cause And Treatment

2 Mar


Depression is the most prevalent of all the emotional disorders. It is the most unpleaseant experience a person can endure and far more difficult to cope with than a physical ailment. Childhood is considered to be the best phase of life. The tears and trauma of childhood seems trivial to the problems in adult life. […]