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Is Gandhiji A Philosophical Anarchist?

20 Feb


Anarchy is about abolishing hierarchy. According to the original, Greek meaning of the word, Anarchy stands to create a world where there is no separation between the rulers and the ruled–a place where everyone rules themselves.An anarchic vision of society is nonviolent, self-managed and non-hierarchical, and Anarchist thinkers hold dear to the ideal of democracy–rule […]

Gandhiji’s Affection Towards Islam And Why It Failed

17 Feb


When India ‘s independence struggle was at its height Gandhi realized that independence cannot come about by the efforts of the Hindus alone. Muslims too must be involved in the struggle. It is important to note that Muslim separation or Hindu involvement in the national movement is not a simple monochromatic affair. There were some […]


2 Jan


About Rabindranath Tagore:  Tagore is best known as a poet and in 1913 was the first Indian writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Highly prolific, Tagore was also a composer and wrote the national anthems for both India and Bangladesh, as well as an educator, social reformer, philosopher and painter. In India, […]