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How To Use Lip Brush

8 Jun


Lip stick is the product that provides your Cosmetics the entirety. It combines the colors you have used to bring your face in life. Because our lips is the most delicate feature of our whole face. With that thing on mind life. We recommend the following five tips: 1. Prior to your Lip stick you […]

How To Use Powder Brush

17 May


Cosmetics styling brushes are the best tools for creating a sleek, completed look. Once you’ve used your foundation, powder allows your makeup to set the look for long-lasting protection throughout the day. When you apply dust with a sponge or cloth or your hands, you not only present your face to viruses, but you can […]

How To Use Concealer With A Concealer Brush

16 May


A perfect skin is in very much demand. And we all know that in this world very rear persons are there with a perfect skin tone. But don’t worry this imperfect and incompleteness can be perfect and complete with the help of makeup.  Yes you are correct I am talking about concealer. In my first […]


1 Nov


SKIN CARE Start your program with your skin-care regime at least one month in advance. Get a professional face cleansing done from your trusted beauty parlour once a fortnight. Be sure to get your last done at least 4 days before the wedding day. At home, on a daily basis follow a cleansing, exfoliating and […]