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Men Are Not Natural Romantic -There Is A Kid Inside Them

22 Mar


If  love was like it is in the movies then our lives would all be a whirlwind of intimate late night dinners, flowers delivered to work and surprise romantic weekends away. Unfortunately, in the real world you’re lucky if your man remembers to buy a card for your anniversary. We’ve all moaned about how our […]

Dowry A Disgrace To The Indian Society

26 Dec


Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindi customs of “Kanyadaan” and “Stridhan”. In “Kanyadaan”, the father of the bride provides money or property, etc to the father of the groom whiles for “Sridhan”, the bride herself gets jewelery and clothes at the time of her marriage, usually from her relatives or friends. More than 9,5000 […]

Ingredients for Indian wedding

22 Oct

Indian Weddings copy

Rice: Rice plays a significant role. The bride’s mother welcomes the groom by putting tilak on his forehead. The red vermillion signifies ‘sau bhagya’ meaning good luck and long togetherness, while the rice grains signify ‘happiness,good health, peace and prosperity’. At the time of the bride’s departure from her parental home, she throws back over […]