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Indian Fashion Designers Inspiring World Markets

29 Mar


India has a definite reason to be pleased with many of Indian clothes fashion designers, who with their competencies as well as the amazing materials used in India, create styles which might be admired even by top rated designers in the world. Designers in India have helped spread their sophisticated sarees, lehengha choli, Salwar kameez […]


19 Feb


The Indian fashion industry is almost eight decades younger than its Western counterpart. It only took off in 1987 after the inception of India’s first fashion-design school, The National Institute of Fashion Technology. Around this time, the Late Rohit Khosla was the first ever Indian fashion designer to have a show in India. Since then […]

The natural beauty and style of Indian designer dresses

22 Oct

Natural Beauty

If you are the type of woman who conforms to the latest fashion trends then you must be a true fashionista. If this is the situation then you definitely have quite many variety of designer clothes in your closet. Designer dresses are one of the most essential fashion accessories for a woman and hence having […]

Some Secret tips to keep your eyes sparkiling

2 Apr


Puffines under eyes Place chilled,used teabags on closed eyelids for about 10 minutes. The caffeine in tea will work like a diuretic to help rid the eyelids of excess fluid, and the puffiness will vanish in no time. Alternatively, place two slices of potato on the eyes and relax for 10 minutes. Dark Circles Place […]