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Audio Visual Technology Is More Effective In Present Day Education

23 Mar


It’s unlikely nowadays that you will see a classroom of children all staring eagerly at the blackboard. Firstly, if anything it would be a whiteboard, secondly, ‘eagerly’ is probably not the word the kids would use about being at school and thirdly, it’s far more feasible that they’re actually watching a projected computer screen or […]

School Choice Becomes A Hymn (Mantra) Of 21st Century

22 Feb


It’s obviously an important topic for many parents. A few months ago, I noticed several among my acquaintances figuratively biting their nails as their kids sat for the Primary School admission Examination. Today, by law, only the government or non-profit charitable trusts can run schools in India. Those in the educational policy establishment believe that […]

Underage Drinking Challenges American Youth

14 Jan


As per report posted in The Washington Post on Friday,January 6,2012, six students of Loudon County midlle school students were caught on Thursday at school under the influence of alcohol, the county sheriff office said. The students at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School in Chantilly were between the ages of 12 and 14, according to […]