Chyulu Hills National Park

19 Jun

Chyulu Hills National Park is a wonderful place to visit for enjoying holiday. The entire park is situated over volcanic mountain range, that is located in Kibwezi District, Eastern Province in Kenya. The inside area of the park is beautifully decorated with eye catching trees and with different types of birds and wild animals. The total area of the park is about is 741sq km.

How to Reach

There are two ways to reach Chyulu Hills National Park. One is by road and one is by air. By road if you are coming from Kibwezi then take a right turn towards Mombasa road 9 km to Kithasyo Gate and Park HQ from Tsavo west.

Time of Entry

The park opens at 6.00 AM and closed at 7.00PM daily. And 6.15 is the closing time for entering inside the park.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Chyulu Hills National Park is all over the year. The climate over there is very beautiful due to two reasons. One is the temperatures normally vary from 20 degree to 30 degree Celsius and second one is there is two times rainfall in a year. One is from March to April and one from November to December. Generally the rainfall varies from 200mm – 700mm.

Things to Do

There are many things to do and enjoy, like mountaineering, game viewing and campaigning, watching different and rare types of birds on Jiva specially those who loves viewing birds. There are also different types of wildlife animals like elephants, rhino’s, leopards, reedbuck, buffalo, black mamba, puff adder, tortoise etc.


There are many lodges and camps available for those who intend in night staying and want to enjoy the place completely. Name of few lodges and camps are Severin Safari Camp, Tawi Lodge, Amboseli Porini Camp, Ngulia Safari Lodge, Kilima Safari Camp, Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge etc. These above lodges and camps are within 30-65 km from the Chyulu Hills National Park. So contact them before you make plan of visiting Chyulu Hills National Park for getting advance booking of rooms.

Things to Carry

Some necessary items like if you want to do mountaineering then take out those items you will need for mountaineering, campaigning items, binoculars, cameras, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen lotions, and drinking waters vitally.

Contact Details of the Park

There are three way of contacting park members:

By Phone: +254 (45) 622483 or 622120

By Email:

By Post: The Warden, Chyulu Hills National Park, Makueni District, Republic of Kenya

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