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About silk

For over 4,000 years, this sleek, sensuous cloth derived from a member of the caterpillar family has held the position as the “Queen of Textiles”. It has been woven into luxurious tapestries, rugs, garments, and accessories for centuries.

There are two types of “silk worms” (as they are called). The commercial or cultivated worm feeds on a diet of Mulberry leaves, producing the finest, silkiest fibers. This specialized diet creates employment for thousands of workers. The mulberry trees must be cared for, the leaves plucked, chopped and almost spoon-fed to the young larvae every few hours. The trees are then pruned and sprayed for the next season’s crop. This could increase production and cut down extensively on labor costs. IT TAKES 8,000 WORMS CONSUMING APPROXIMATELY 350 POUNDS OF MULBERRY LEAVES TO SUPPLY ENOUGH SILK FOR 10 BLOUSES!

There are over 500 species of wild silk worms which feast on oak and other leaves, fending for themselves. The Tussah worm is considerably larger than the domestic variety, sometimes growing to six inches in length, producing an egg-sized cocoon. The Assam Valley in India produces a golden colored Tussah which cannot be reeled off the cocoon as with other silks, but instead spun like cotton or wool.

Unusual eating machines, cultivated silk worms increase their body size 10,000 times in their 25 to 28 day life. They moult four times in this period. After a final moulting they find a place and begin cocooning. They extrude a semi-liquid mixture of protein and a gummy substance called sericin. This liquid silk is extracted at a rate of about a foot a minute, becoming when exposed to the air, the fiber that enshrouds them from the outside in, forming the cocoon.

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The different types of silk fabrics we deal are:

Pongé (05,06) and Habotei (Pongé 8, 10,12) are fine, sleek and light silks, which are having closely textures. It is the best for beginners, because it is not so expensive. Normaly Pongé 5 is used for scarfs
and shawls. Pongé 08 and upper is used for pillows and clothes. It is a very nice silk.

Crepe Satin
A very beautiful silk with a high glossy surface. I like it very much. But it is very very expensive. The color does not run so much as it does with Ponge but it is more difficult to draw.

Crepe de Chine
Crepe de Chine (8,10,12,16) its made with Crepetwins. It is very strong but it has a matt surface. It is difficult to draw on this silk.

Charmeuse is made with a satin weave which is soft, yet supple and drapes beautifully. Fabric is woven with a satin weave, where the warp threads cross over three or more of the backing threads. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish, lustrous and reflective, and the back has a dull finish.

are mostly used for cravats, because it has patterns with points, stripes, flowers etc. It is difficult to paint on this silk, because of this patterns. Not for beginners, because it is very expensive.

Chiffon (3,5) it is very tender. Its twine has not a clothe texture. It is used for Scarfs and some transpareny clothes. The technic to paint on is a kind of freestyle.

Georgette (5) is nearly transparency as Chiffon, but it is stronger. It is used for clothes.

Dupion silk is heavy and can be commonly used for home furnishing products. It is mainly two types:
1.with slash
2.without slash
Where dupion without slab can also be used in making georgous dresses.

100% silk fabrics

Pure silk has been sought after for thousands of years and is our most luxurious type of fabric.100% Silk has so many wonderful qualities which make it extremely versatile. Pure Silk is used for everything from special occasions when we wish to feel pampered, to home decor for fabulous curtains and accessories.When using fabric that is made of 100% silk you can be assured that the feeling of quality and luxury will be unsurpassed. Items that are made from 100% silk fabric represent the epitome of sexy, powerful, graceful, natural, organic, and environmentally responsible.

We have a great selection of fabrics that are made out of 100% silk. If you have a specific desire for a special type of 100% Silk we are confident we can fulfill your needs.

Silk is our specialty and therefore we are able to give you the highest quality 100% silk fabrics for the best possible prices, all in stock and ready to ship the same day you place your order. We offer a wide range of shipping choices to ensure that our customers have as much working time with our fabrics as possible to help them meet even the most demanding of deadlines. At Eslarr Enterprise we insist on supplying our customers with only the finest quality fabrics and never sacrifice quality or availability. We can assure you that as a Eslarr Enterprise customer you will always have the ability to get exactly what you desire.

We enjoy working one on one with our customers to make sure that we are fulfilling the desires perfectly and giving you what you want. Our many years in the silk industry has given us an expertise that will ensure that we understand what it is you want and the ability to give it to you within a day or so, always knowing where to look for the right fabric.

100% Silk is truly a wonderful fabric, both to look at and to feel and it is well worth having. At Eslarr Enterprise 100% silk fabrics will get the results you are looking for. To learn more please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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Silk Care

If well cared for, silk garments can become heirlooms. European women have grown up with a reverence for silk fabric and intimate knowledge of its care. Our ‘wash and wear’ culture is misinformed on how to care for silk and thus harbors an unnecessary fear of this cloth. Silk is a protein fiber, like hair. You should not do anything to silk you could not do to your hair.

Two keys to determining if garments will wash well at home are color and construction. Bright and brilliant colors, dark colors and patterned silks are better left to the dry cleaner. Garments with complicated construction, lining and trim are also candidates for the dry cleaner. If your garments passed these two tests, it is a good idea to dry clean the first two times. The steaming part of the process may help to set the dye and if there is any shrinkage left, it will shrink at the cleaner.

One of the advantages of sewing your own garment lies in the fact that you can prewash your fabric. Bear in mind that shrinkage will occur. Washable silks include Crepe de Chine, Charmeuse, Habotai, and of course the popular Sueded or Sand-Washed Silks. Always dry clean crinkled or brocaded silks and hand-woven silks, also, dark or bright colors which have a high risk of fading.

1) To help retain the silk’s true color, add ¼ cup of white vinegar to every two gallons of lukewarm/cold water. Wash with a good soap compatible with silk finishes and squeeze to remove excess water. Never twist or wring.

2) Wash silk articles separately. Rinse with cool water SEVERAL times. Strong colors will appear to bleed. This excess dye normally ceases after a few washings. To help set dye, add a few shakes of salt to the final cold rinse.

3) Non-Sueded/Plain Silks: Roll in towel to absorb moisture, hang to dry in dark place. Iron on low temperature on wrong side of fabric while still slightly damp.

**Sueded / Sand-Washed Silks: Hot dryer is recommended to bring up finish and softness. Keep in mind the MAXIMUM SHRINKAGE will occur 5% to 10%. Some loose weaves will shrink 15% to 20%.

What Not to Do

  • Never expose silk articles to strong direct sunlight. Silk will fade.
  • Never spray perfume or deodorant on silk.
  • Never soak silk in water for a long period of time.

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